Gerald Stern’s I.

Gerald Stern’s book-length poem I. is an extraordinary and wild compilation of poetic modes, moods, and registers—meandering and focused, hallucinatory and concrete, deranged and deeply ecstatic. Inspired by the sight of a derelict synagogue on the Lower East Side, I. is an intrinsically New York poem, concerned with shifting structures of place and identity in the face of time and rapid change. Though first written in the late aughts, Stern’s brazen, mischievous politicality and blasphemous spirituality, refracted through the biblical book and prophetic character of Isaiah, feel particularly relevant to the present moment.

Gerald Stern (1925–2022) was a National Book Award–winning poet, and a phenomenal human being. He will be deeply missed, but we know his work will continue changing readers for years and years to come.

Jill Hammer’s Undertorah

Undertorah takes readers on a journey through the root systems of the dreamworld. A practical and paradigm-shifting guidebook for individuals and communities, this text offers a transformative approach to contemporary dreamwork, grounded in embodied experience and ancestral wisdom, that connects us to spirit and inspires us to heal our world.

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