Ayin Press is an artist-run publishing platform, production studio, and research collective rooted in Jewish culture and emanating outward. We create and support work at the intersection of Political Imagination, Speculative Theology, and Radical Aesthetics.

Both online and in print, we seek to celebrate artists and thinkers at the margins and explore the growing edges of collective consciousness through a diverse range of interdisciplinary, multimedia, and experimental works and projects.

This includes – but is not limited to – poetry, essays, fiction, theory, artbooks, anthologies, archives, interviews, translations, multimedia, conceptual projects, digital works, immersive events, and online programming.

Ayin was founded on a deep belief in the power of culture and creativity to heal, transform, and uplift the world we share and build together. We are committed to amplifying a polyphony of voices within, between, and beyond the Jewish world.

Ayin is a letter in Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Phoenician, and many other languages. In Hebrew, Ayin means Eye, and also refers to a fountain or spring of water. Ayin signifies emergence and receptivity; letting light in, stimulating perception.

Submissions Statement

Ayin Press is not currently accepting submissions. However, we plan to do so in the near future
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Tom Haviv, Publisher, Creative Director
Eden Pearlstein, Publisher, Editor-in-chief
Penina Eilberg-Schwartz, Managing Editor
Sam Fine, Contributing Designer
Robin Margolis, Contributing Editor, Archival Specialist
Kristin Nelson, Contributing Editor
Jeff Ong, Web Design & Development