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The Thousands: A Tithe

“The Thousands” grew from a simple daily practice, a ploy to liberate the flow of a day—and the thoughts, feelings, ...

April 30, 2024

Poems from Dybbuk Americana

The Harvest Festival The Sabbath Approaches Great Mystics, Gloss Joshua Gottlieb-Miller (Houston, TX) is the author of The Art of Bagging (2023), ...

April 17, 2024

Jews Like Us

At nine, I can’t wear a two-piece because, according to my mother, I’m too fat. It only bothers me when ...

March 27, 2024

The Wife in Galilee

In the green sloping hills of my city, the dead and the living walked side by side. Safed was the ...

March 24, 2024

Memory of a Larger Mind (Excerpt)

These poems are drawn from a book-length poem written while living with rapidly-melting glaciers in the Arctic and Alaska. These ...

January 25, 2024


Ayin’s columns offer a platform for contributing editors to curate work inspired by and engaging with a particular theme or form. Our first column, Speaking from Experience, is an exploration of the fringes and potential futures of Jewish spirituality, curated by journalist Madison Margolin. Our second column, Teiku, is a space for bold and creative engagements with Jewish texts and practices, edited by Shaul Magid. Our third column Moabet, edited by Devin Naar, is dedicated to Sepharadim “past, present, and future.”


A folio is a small collection of works related by theme, medium, or process. Folios can be the work of a single author/artist, or a collective effort of multiple contributors. Not too short, not too long. Like a chapbook for the internet.


The Ayin Journal features work from leading-edge artists and scholars from all over the world: poetry, essays, animation, music, performance, photography, interviews, translations, theory, fiction, mixed-media work, and more. The first issue of the Ayin Journal (2021) drew inspiration from the radical possibility of dreams and sleep. The second issue (2022) delved into the liberatory figure of the Holy Fool.