Ayin was founded because we believe deeply in the power of culture, art, and literature to heal and transform the world, to seed the future, and to preserve the past. Our key initiatives are publishing hardcopy books and a digital bi-annual journal, developing partnerships with a diverse range of organizations doing impactful work, and seeding a network of visionary artists and thinkers.

Your contribution will directly support the publication of creative new work, hosting events online and in-person, and interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scholars, activists, and others.

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As we move through this time of change and uncertainty in

our world, Ayin emerges like a

wellspring, bringing forth the ideas, images, insight and questions to revive our imagination, reconnect us

to our intuition and reorient us towards the world we

seek to build.”

– Rabbi Adina Allen

Our mission is to provide an outlet for creating, sharing, and supporting bold new work at the intersection of Political Imagination, Speculative Theology, and Radical Aesthetics. By supporting Ayin Press, you are making that vision possible for generations to come.