As an expression of Political Imagination, Ayin designs and produces flags & banners of new worlds, ideas, peoples, and partnerships.

Hamsa Flag

A flag for envisioning the future of Israel-Palestine, Jewish-Muslim solidarity, Mizrahi-Sephardi cultures. A flag of peace & resistance.

The Hamsa Flags intends to open and animate a conversation about ideas of borderless culture, hybrid identity, post-nationalism, intersectional movements & alternate socio-historical imaginaries.The colors of the flag, turquoise and copper, signify activation. In some traditions, the turquoise stone is used as an eye at the center of the palm. In the case of this flag, the turquoise eye has been abstracted into the background, into an ocean of turquoise behind the open palm. The rays that emanate from the palm are copper, the element (Cu) from which the compound Turquoise is created via the process of oxidation in water. Thus the flag’s image reveals an elemental, latent source resting on the backdrop of an activated Turquoise expanse. The hamsa in this formation is designed to represent a vast, shifting, hybrid community of many tribes–and beyond the very notion of tribe–of many nations–and beyond the very notion of nation–emerging from a common elemental source. The meaning and goal of the Hamsa flag is currently TBD.

Is it a flag of a post-nationalist movement? Of a binational state? Of the Mediterranean? Of Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews in Solidarity with Palestine? Of a movement to come?