February 10, 2021

Introducing Ayin Press

We are excited to announce that Ayin Press is now officially live – and will continue to evolve in baby steps and quantum leaps. After a year of visioning and grounding ourselves in what & why we want to make & do; questioning how we want to contribute to the wider community and cultural landscape—we are now ready to push this paper-boat off from the proverbial dock. We introduce what we hope is just the humble beginnings of a lively, naively ambitious, poetically adventurous, interdisciplinary curatorial platform for experimental Jewish arts & culture in conversation with the world.

Towards that end, we will be supporting and developing creative work across mediums that engage, challenge, and expand our capacities for and conceptions of Political Imagination, Speculative Theology, and Radical Aesthetics. Through a range of literary, artistic, and educational events, programs, and publishing projects (both digital & analog), we are seeking to develop and amplify peripheral and otherwise under-represented voices and viewpoints. Without the fringe, there is no center.

To celebrate the launch of Ayin Press we are hosting a release party for a new poetic chapbook/catalogue created in collaboration with Ortega y Gassett art gallery in Brooklyn, NY for In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission, and transmission – a multi-medial art-show co-curated by Zahar Vaks and Eden Pearlstein Click here for more details.