Ariel Abrahams

Ariel Abrahams is a Brooklyn based multi-media artist. He is devoted to making quiet spaces and experiences that encourage deep listening. His work manifests in email, soundproofing, inky pen drawings, .zip files, audio, sleepovers, long walks, and shabbat dinners. He has worked in the experimental theater company Odyssey Works and was a resident at Flux Factory. He is also the founder of the Bilha Zilpah Reunion, a weird online community newsletter. Ariel has a deep fascination with the rituals practices of the ancient world and the way mythology develops over time. To learn more about Ariel's work visit

Miriam Atkin

Miriam Atkin is a writer, teacher and performer based in New York City. Her work has been largely concerned with the possibilities of poetry as an oral medium in conversation with avant-garde film, music and dance. Miriam is a PhD candidate in English Literature at CUNY Graduate Center.

Iemanja Brown

Iemanja Brown is a teacher and a student. She works in the CUNY system, at The Cooper Union, and in the field of New York City and beyond. Her activist life is largely devoted to shutting down fossil fuel infrastructure.

William Camponovo

Before moving to New York, William Camponovo taught at middle schools, high schools, community colleges and four-year colleges within San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo in California, in a furious effort to instill the word(s) of Elizabeth Bishop and Adrienne Rich to as many students as possible. He is currently affiliated with the City University of New York, and he teaches a course on tragicomedy at Hunter College.

Iris Cushing

Iris Marble Cushing is a poet, editor, CUNY teacher and scholar, and reader of texts both popular and philosophical. The relationship between emotions and understandings is of primary interest to her, as is the false dichotomy between words and actions. She is a founding editor for Argos Books and is the author of the book Wyoming. Iris lives in the Western Catskills in an old parsonage with a man named Darwin and two cats named Sidney and Apollo. Her work can be found at

Tom Haviv

Tom Haviv is a writer, artist and educator from New York. He has an MFA in poetry from Brooklyn College. His first book of poetry, A Flag of No Nation, is forthcoming this fall. HIs website is

Öykü Tekten

Öykü Tekten is a poet, translator, and editor living between New York and Granada. She is one of the founding members of KAF Collective and is pursuing a PhD degree in English at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Selim Temo

Born in Mêrîna, Batman in 1972, Selim Temo is a Kurdish poet, scholar, writer, and translator. Temo studied Anthropology in Ankara University (BA), Turkish Literature (MA) in Bilkent University where he also received his PhD degree. He has authored thirty books, including Kurdish or Turkish poetry, translations, anthologies, children’s books, novels, and news articles. He has also received several literary awards. As a result of the ongoing purge targeting academics, and other educational workers, Temo has recently been dismissed from his teaching position as an assistant professor in Artuklu University, Mardin.