The Holy Folio: Editor’s Note

May Ayin’s tent be a circus of liberation: a home for those unmoored from master narratives, a home for those who find, in the unraveling of our inherited paradigms, the very possibility of freedom.

The Holy Fool: Editor’s Note

We must occasionally find pleasure in our folly, or we cannot continue to find pleasure in our wisdom.  —Friedrich Nietzsche1 ...

Editor’s Note: Field of the Letter Vav

The letter Vav, a simple vertical line, is the sixth letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. Grammatically, the Vav functions as the word “and,” serving to connect ideas and entities to what lies beyond or outside themselves.

Editor’s Note: Tardema

Awakening is a gradual process that is imposed on the life of a generation and the individual. Sleeping is, by ...