We juggle delicately between the metaphorical and the real.

Fooled by Holiness

I am a Jewish man trappedin the body of a Jewish man.—Charles Bernstein, “Unready, Unwilling, Unable”1 Let no man deceive ...

Let Me Tell You a Joke

I know two things for sure about God: God is good, and God has a sense of humor.  Once, when ...

Sidi Habibi | Salim Halali

Salim Halali’s life testifies to the entwinement of Jewish and Muslim communities in Algeria and Morocco before World War II.

Rimoun Rametni | Salim Halali

Al-Ala, the music of al-Andalus, has always been present in my family. It was a sort of familiar hum in our lives and rituals.

Ya Ghorbati | Line Monty

That community of Jews who left Algeria after independence left it forever. They joined a world of refugees marked by war, forever dreaming of home.


While preparing our own interpretations of these divas’ songs, we tried to creatively reconstruct a relationship to identity and history that was expansive and intersectional.