Pyschedelic Pesach Zine

Taste & See: A Psychedelic Pesach Companion Written by Madison Margolin, Eden Pearlstein & Ami SilverIllustration & design by Jessica ...


What is the nature of influx? What does it mean to be in flux? And what do these concepts and processes have to do with our lived experience and creative practice?


A baby that is also a bird flying away from its nest . . . wet stones in the rain ...

When It Rains

I’m going to run away with him to another land.


I grew up in the Hasidic section of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, as part of the Chabad-Lubavitch community. From a young ...

Shalosh T’nuos

Hasidic women have not typically had the opportunity to refract the light of our teachers in song.

Nigun Hisva’adus

Nigunim are songs of “not here,” striving for something deeper, higher than what is.

Yemin Hashem

What happens to a melody when its notes are written down? And what happens to those notes on a page when they are sung out loud?

Keyli Ata

There’s simply no better tune for escorting a person into realms of the unknown, or for greeting their return.