Gerald Stern’s long poem I. is an extraordinary and wild compilation of poetic modes, moods, and registers—meandering and focused, hallucinatory and concrete, deranged and deeply ecstatic.


What is the nature of influx? What does it mean to be in flux? And what do these concepts and processes have to do with our lived experience and creative practice?

A Flag of No Nation

A meditation on world invention and collapse, A Flag of No Nation traces the stories of Turkish Jews in the twentieth century, blind colonists in a white ocean, and performers enacting new rituals around a nationless flag.

I Am Qohelet

I sat in the street, and imagined things that never happened


Tumble down into the magma, tumble tumble down / uprooted walls will be your cortège, tumble tumble down

Last Dance

I grew bewildered by the interpretation of bridges.

What the Beard Said (III)

is, just now, beyond me softly—as a kind of mercy?— here within the fat book’s saying that to ascend’s in ...