March 6, 2023

The Porcupine Prince

By Tom Haviv

**Shipping summer 2023**

About the Book

The Porcupine Prince and his fellow porcupines share a problem: they are just too spiny to get close to each other. And when the Prince finally tries to tell his family how lonely he feels, they can’t quite seem to hear him. To find the closeness he craves, the Prince must journey beyond the orderly and familiar Porcupine Empire and into the wet, wandering wilderness, where an unlikely friendship with some slippery salamanders helps him to discover his soft side—and to share that softness with his prickly family. The Porcupine Prince is a surreal fable about the magic of friendship and the joy of connection.

Written by Tom Haviv
Illustrated by Yanfush aka Inbar Algazi 

About the Author

Tom Haviv is the cofounder and creative director of Ayin Press. His debut book of poetry, Flag of No Nation, was published in 2019 by Jewish Currents Press, and is the author of two children’s books, Woven (Somewhere, 2018) & The Porcupine Prince (Somewhere, 2023). He is also the creator of Hamsa Flag Project.

See more of Tom’s work on his website and on Instagram.

About the Illustrator

Born in Berlin in 1994, Yanfush is an Israeli illustrator based in Toulouse. Her work focuses on picture books (Bella & Zouzou, zeltner, 2021), but also exhibitions (Médiathèque Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv), workshops, and various collaborations. She works in a variety of techniques, mixing and exploring everything from monotype to calligraphy, trying to catch poetic moments, tiny stories, and translate them onto paper.

See more of Yanfush’s work on her website and on Instagram.

Book Details

68 Pages | Paperback | 8.25 x 11.75 inches | ISBN: 979-8-9867803-0-6 | e-ISBN: 979-986780344
Publication Date: October 3, 2023