March 23, 2023

Psychedelic Pesach Zine

By Madison Margolin, Eden Pearlstein, Ami Silver & Jessica Tamar Deutsch

Cover art by Jessica Tamar Deutsch

Taste & See: A Psychedelic Pesach Companion

Written by Madison Margolin, Eden Pearlstein & Ami Silver
Illustration & design by Jessica Tamar Deutsch

This beautifully produced zine is meant to serve as a companion, exploring the seder and themes of Passover through a psychedelic lens. Whether you choose to ingest an entheogen to enhance or reinvent Pesach ritual, or you wish to harness the technology of the seder itself to expand your consciousness, we invite you to get creative, to blend collective tradition with personal truth. In this spirit, we have collaborated, crowdsourced, curated, and cowritten this psychedelic Passover companion. In it, we hope you will find fresh inspiration, useful information, and novel interpretations of ancient stories, rituals, and ideas.

Printed on high-quality paper stock with full poetic interventions, practice-based reflections, and lush full-color illustrations, Ayin’s psychedelic Pesach companion is a wonderful way to “dose” your Passover experience.

The first limited edition printing of just 250 copies will sell out fast! To get yours in time for seder 2023, make sure to place your order before Thursday, March 30th.

A digital version is available for immediate download as well, and will be included with all print orders.

Sample Spreads